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strucutral engineers and architects for our headquarter in Pfarrkirchen

Company history

IGK was founded in 1972 and was initially run by just one person. The office for architecture with its focus on structural planning was integrated in Mr Kleins´ private house in Degernbach near Pfarrkirchen in Niederbayern. Within the space of just one year, the company had grown to a staff of five. Between then and now IGK occupied three different intermediate offices. We resided in Bahnhofstraße in Mooshof and then we moved to the Ringstraße. The new building in Passauer Straße, which we moved into on 01.01.2008, should hopefully be large enough to accommodate all the future needs of IGK.

We now have approx. 50 employees who work in our main office or in our branch offices in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich und Timisoara in Rumania.

Quality Policy

Operating as a service team in the field of structural planning we endeavour to render our services on schedule to the highest possible standards. The clients interests and the building regulations are of upmost importance to us. We operate on the maxim of trying to find the most economical solution to any problem which may arise. With the aid of computers we are able to compile profitability calculations throughout all of the planning stages. We also employ CAD and other specialised software, some of which we are currently in the process of developing ourselves, which is able to supply the most economical solution, even when the conditions are less than favourable. Our policy on quality is adhered to by all of our members of staff.